Childhood Is

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Childhood is fleeting.

The days rush by like subway trains as I stand at the station feeling the rush of air as another one departs.

The hundreds of thousands of inhales and exhales propel me through this life powerless as they grow up before my eyes.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhaleexhaleinhaleexhale…

Sometimes I have the wisdom to slow my breath and take in the moment that I have right now.

Right now with them as they are.

Not the babies they were and not the grown ups I hope they grow to be.

Who they are right now. Where we are right now. Feet in the sand, head turned to the blue expanse of sky.

I inhale their laughter, their sobs, their smell, their bodies in perpetual motion.

I exhale my worry, my doubt, my rush to think about what’s next.

For childhood is precious and meant to be savored one moment at a time.



Does This Make Me Happy?

Sometimes I think that life would be easier if we all realized just how easy life could be.

Recently, while browsing Facebook, which I sadly admit to doing way, way, WAY too much… I came across an article that I am sure was hand-picked for me by some combination of a genius computer algorithm and an invasion of privacy.  Whatever brought it to my eyes, I am glad that it made it there, because I needed it.

The article was about decluttering your life. Trust me when I say that if you have ever been anywhere near my house, my car, my classroom, my head….you know I have a propensity towards, well an addiction to clutter. I don’t think of it as a flaw, so much as a character trait.

Well, the line that caught me in the article said that we should pick up things one at a time and ask ourselves, “Does this make me happy?” If not, throw it out.

Imagine if we all did that for everything. Not necessarily throw everything out that doesn’t induce joy (I mean hey who screams in ecstasy at the thought of cleaning the blender, but it is kind of nice to have.)  I just mean do more of what makes us happy and less of what doesn’t. Sounds simple but is it?

I got to thinking that what makes me happy is deeply rooted in making others happy. I am a giver. I give and give and give and often forget myself. But maybe I can find more joy by very simply turning the focus from what I don’t do for myself (or don’t have time to do for myself) and instead do good for others.

Say yes more.

Compliment people more.

Support their causes.

Give them that little push they need.

Help them up.

Bake them some cookies or bring a bunch of parsley from my garden.

Tell them it will be okay.

Send them a joke or an article they might like.

Call someone to hear their voice instead of the impersonal text or even stop by!

Since I started doing this there has been a subtle yet profound shift within….and I like it.

So give it a try tomorrow and see how you do. Come back and let me know.

My oldest and I

My oldest and I